#CJRreview Sweetwater by Rivi Jacks (one of my fave books of all time!)


You know those books that stay with you? You may have read a few years ago but you remember that feeling when you were reading and how great it was? Well this book is one of those for me!

Title: Sweetwater (The Kihn #1)

Author: Rivi Jacks

Genre: Paranormal

They say you can never go home again that what we remember, is just that—a memory. Well, I’m on my way home, and I’m eager to test that theory. Little do I know that what awaits me will change my life forever.

Sofie Reece is returning to Sweetwater, a sleepy little town nestled in the Ozarks to discover evil waiting for her.

As supernatural beings, both good and evil, arrive in town, so does Lucas Santiago. Sofie senses a danger in Lucas but finds herself powerfully attracted to him. Though intimidated by his sexual appeal and power, she cannot help but fall for Lucas.

As both the danger and their passion intensify, Sofie is unaware that Lucas has a dark secret – a secret that will blow her world apart…

This book is intended for mature audiences. It contains sexually explicit content that some readers may find objectionable.


A re-read as I heard book 2 is coming soon! I couldn’t believe that I only stared this book (5 though!) but didn’t leave a review. Time to remedy that!

I remember reading this book back in late 2013 and it stuck with me for those 4 years. I also admit to stalking the author over that time too!!!

This tale follows Sofie, back in the bosom of her extended family after the death of her parents. And then it starts……

Things I love about this book (and have stayed with me):

  • Emma Rae (her mouth!),
  • The large, close knit family and how they interact,
  • The town they live in,
  • Lucas,
  • The homely charm of a small town,
  • Taylor,
  • The suspense,
  • Lucas,
  • The intrigue,
  • The hint of lust! (and the bloody suspense of it!),
  • The mystery, what supes are they?!,
  • Lucas,
  • The secrets,
  • The edge of seatness <—- thats a word, right?!,
  • And finally, Lucas!

This has made my top (re)read again so far this year. Everyone needs to read this book. I’ll scream it from the rooftops!


If anyone wants to get this book you can click on the cover above which will take you to Amazon to purchase.

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