The Brits Weekly Book Biz! See what I read this week!


Here we are again, the end of another week!

It’s been a bit crazy for me this week. I have been having neck issues and my quack thinks I have another (or 2) herniated discs in my neck which isn’t great news.  He also signed me off work for 2 weeks so hoping to get some quality reading time in…and maybe binge watch some Netflix shows!

I have read 2 books this week, one was a beta read and the other was from my TBR pile, slowly knocking them off!


Broken Shelves (Unquiet Mind #3) by Anne Malcom

This was my beta read so I wont post my review until I have read the final copy but I can tell you it was funny, fabulous and fantastic!


Road to Nowhere: Book 1 by M Robinson

See my review here.




Well now, I find myself in a situation, a situation that feels all to familiar to me!

  • I have a tbr of 60 books.
  • I have 5 arcs on my kindle.
  • I am expecting a further 3 arcs that are to read for September.


I am a stickler to read books on time so arcs first, tbr will need to wait!


What have you read this week?

Feel free to link up your posts!


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