CJR The Brit Review: The Affiliate by KA Linde

So I read this book…….and I tell you what, it knocked my socks off!

Title: The Affiliate (Ascension 1)

Author: KA Linde

Genre: YA/NA fantasy

It released in 2015 and the reason I’m reading is that book 3 comes out in October and I asked the PR company if I could read the first 2 books. I am so glad I did!

Wow, I haven’t had that rush with a book for so long!

You know, you start reading. Your very interested. You read and read. Then you realise you can’t put the book down!

So here I am at 2.30am after finishing (and I am a strict 10.30pm to bed girl!) and I am so pumped that I have no hope of going to sleep. This is what this book does to you!

I admit that I have never read this author but fantasy is one of my fave genres and the cover and blurb called to me!

This book has everything I look for in a fantasy book. Great world and character building, intrigue, romance, strange goings on and a fabulous storyline.

And you know I picked up book 2 at 2.30am!

I’m off to continue with book 2, The Bound but anyone read? What did you think?

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