CJR The Brit Review: Strike by Cora Brent

Strike (Gentry Generations) by Cora Brent

Release date: 20 August 2017

I was lucky enough to get an arc from one of my favourite authors. This woman has never written anything I don’t like!

Strike is the first book in a spin off from her original series, The Gentry’s, and follows the next generation Gentry’s.

You can follow Cora and find all her books here: https://www.facebook.com/CoraBrentAuthor/

My review (beware, there are swears!)


Look out book world, Dalton Tremaine just took the trophy for the hottest, say allll the right (dirty!) things man!

The Gentry’s next generation? This is just what I wanted!

Cords daughter, Cami starts her new job at a spa and bumps into the club manager Dalton….and sparks fly!

Dalton bloody Tremaine. Let me introduce you to Dalton bloody Tremaine…….

Dirty Dalton: ‘But if I take you home and fuck you right now it’s gonna be nothing but filthy’…..OMG new undies please!

Delightful Dalton: ‘I have every intention of keeping you, Cami. I’d fucking walk the three hundred miles to San Diego if it meant I could hold you for ten goddamn minutes.’ SWOON!

And to top it all off we get to see glimpses of the originals and are introduced to the other kiddiewinks….well growing up kiddiewinks!

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