My monthly book slump is here again!

It’s that time of the month again. I am in a book slump. πŸ“šπŸ“šπŸ˜­

This happens to me all the time lately, well this year it has.

Today I decided to tackle this issue and delve for reasons.

I can only come to the conclusion that arcs are the issue. I sign up for anything that catches my eye, I sign up when I get sent an SOS when not many people have signed up for a particular tour and don’t even get me started on Netgalley! Then I feel the pressure to read them on time!

All this at the expense of my tbr. The pile of books I bought as they really interested me and I really wanted to read them.

I know this has to stop. I need to tell my brain I dont have to feel guilty when I don’t sign up and, more importantly, I need some self control!

So this is it! I feel I need to post to make this real! I have arcs I’ve signed up for to read in September then Ive decided that the rest of the year is mine, I’m going to read for me and then re-evaluate in the new year.

Do you feel the same?

Do you sign up for arcs with PR companies?

Do you have will power?! Tell me how you cope with this (or how to get some self control!)

10 thoughts on “My monthly book slump is here again!

  1. It stresses me out to no end and takes a little of the joy out of reading for me if I have too many things that I HAVE to read. I try to set a limit of no more than 3 ARCs that need to be read at a time. And I’ll only request more when I have finished all three.

    But, my TBR list is in the thousands and those are my priority. I think it just depends on your priorities, but either way, it helps me to set a hard and fast rule to stick to, otherwise I go CRAZY and request ALL THE BOOKS!

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    1. I get arcs or know that they are coming and i just feel pressure! Ive never felt like that in all my years as a blogger….so defo time to cut back! 😁


  2. OMG…I so feel your pain! I had to cut back on a lot of my ARCs. Now I’m trying to only read 3 books a week (except this week 😜😜) but you’re right..I should take off after October and just pull from my TBR! We’ll the mean time….you GOT THIS SISTER!😍😍😍

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  3. YOU ARE NOT ALONE. This week alone I some how messed up and had about 10 books reviews due with the ARC copies. I need Self Control too. So I started a Google Doc to organize my work load. But you are right. I miss my personal TBR. A favorite author is using a PR and I think to myself, I NEED TO READ this! So September has been reduced by 50% of my work load. October lists is starting to creep, but reduced by 75%. It’s hard to say no. Especially when they personally reach out to you. We all got this ❀


    1. I need to do something like that! Ive mean meaning to make a to do list but work has been so busy and im working extra hours so have been tired so i havent…..its my weekend job!

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  4. Oh no!!! I hate when that happens. I have DNFed a couple books yesterday and I already see it coming. But August looked rather bleak from the beginning. So I’ll go back and reread favorites.;-) Hope it will get better soon!!


      1. Haha – you are not alone. Even rereads can turn out to be quite difficult πŸ˜‚ I often start rereading a favorite and NEVER finish. You see??? It’s a conundrum.


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