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Ola! I’ve been tagged by Two Girls, Two Mountains for the ultimate book blogger test. Thank you!

I’m going to try and answer a few bookish questions with honesty and wit. Well actually it might turn out just to be honesty as I haven’t had any wine yet!!!!


1. Thank the person who nominated you and add a link to their blog

2. Answer the ten questions asked on this post

3. Nominate at least five people to do it also


Top 3 book pet hates

Filler…..ugh I hate filler in books. I don’t want to read what someones friend had for lunch in detail, including how it was marinated and cooked! It doesn’t matter to me if the book is smaller! Quality over quantity!

Cum…..ugh 😷 when I see that word it makes me gag. I’m not even sure why. It’s just horrific to my brain.  As a romance book blogger I have had to try and build up a healthy resistance 😂

No/poor editing. A few words spelt wrong I can get over but when it carries on and on it just ruins my reading flow and enjoyment of the book.

Perfect reading spot

Summer is defo in the garden with a cold glass of lemonade and winter is tucked in my bed with a nice coffee!

Three book confessions

Sometimes I skip to the end of a book to see how it ends *insert gasp* but I still read it all!

I am a book blogger and I guilt myself that I should be doing more. I see a lot of Facebook blogs and all the books they find, all the posts they do, all the sales they sniff out and I just dont have the time. I keep promising myself when I win the lottery it’s all I will do all day!

I am crap at making graphics. There I said it. I try my hardest and whatever I do always looks like my 7 year old has done it (his, in fact, would probably be better than mine!)

Last time you cried reading a book

Tillie Coles, A Thousand Boy Kisses. Blubathon.

Number of books on your bedside table

3: The Protector by Jodi Ellen Malpas, Harry Potter 20th edition and Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.

Favorite reading snack


Three books you’d recommend to anyone

Just 3….omg this is hard. I changed my mind about 6 times!

The Fae Chronicles by Amelia Hutchins

Golden Dynasty by Kristen Ashley

Reapers Property by Joanna Wylde

A picture of your favorite bookshelf

Gaaaah I can’t do this at the mo. I am in the process of moving and my bookcase is in storage (my books are with me in a crate!)

How much books mean to you (in three words)

Books are escapism.

Biggest reading secret

I have been known to book a meeting in with myself at work and read in the loo!


So that’s me…..did I pass the test?!

I tag…

Bobos Book Bank

Geybies Book Blog

Crystals Book World

Brizzle Lass Books

Chelles Book Ramblings


If I didn’t tag you, feel free to tag yourself and link your post in comments!



14 thoughts on “Tag: The Book Blogger Test

  1. Haha! I loved your answers! I especially love how you book meetings with yourself so you can read! I used to run to the loos with my book to read but I wasn’t clever enough to book time out so it was legit!


  2. Thanks for the tag I’ll be doing this asap…I’m a bit behind with my post and everything and I need to get organised..By the way those three books you recommend to everybody I love them they are soooo goooddd I totally agree with you..


    1. I loved them, read 4 books in a weekend as I couldn’t put them down! They are very errm, how can I say this, saucy! 😂 Yes they are high in the sexy times but the story, characters and world building for me were all top notch.

      I hope you enjoy them, let me know what you think. 😁


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