#Officialblogger #IndiePopUpBristol #authorshowcase Maria McDonald and Dazed…..

Official Blogger for the Indie Pop Up Signing: Bristol, UK

Date: Saturday 27th January, 2018

Venue:  DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Bristol City Centre, UK

Tickets can be purchased here:https://indiepopupsigning.eventbrite.com


As an official event blogger, I am doing my bit by showcasing the authors and their work.

I have seen this cover and I love a hot man cover (!) so I checked out the blurb…and now I am certain I want to read this!


People say the heart wants what it wants and will not be denied.

Those people are fools.

I’m a practiced hand at hiding from the world. The scars I bear are invisible to all but me, and I use them to sustain the walls I’ve built around myself.

He knocked my simple life into disarray and infiltrated my carefully constructed defenses.

The tight control I maintain is at breaking point, and ever since our eyes connected across a lunch hall, my world has been off balance.

I can’t have him, and he can’t have me.

I know it.

He knows it.

I’m just not sure that Tarrant Reigns has ever followed anyone’s rules.

Everything and everyone is against us.

Even his brother.

Caden brought us together, but now he’s standing in our way.


Amazon UK – https://tinyurl.com/l6ar8at

Amazon US – https://tinyurl.com/mb46bst

Amazon AUS – https://tinyurl.com/m78e3px

Amazon CA – https://tinyurl.com/mzajn2h





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