Book Review & Discussion: Half Blood by Jennifer L Armentrout

So firstly here is how I read and review a book: 
A) I read it (ummm yes!)
B) I write my review (I take notes along the way!)
C) I post review to GR and Amazon
D) I go back and look at other people’s reviews.

I was astounded at the reviews for this book! I have never read the Vampire Academy books…….but I sure am now!

My review is below but it got me wondering…..
Have you read both series?
What do you think?
Did you think it was a rip off of Vampire Academy or do you think the market is so saturated that this will happen?

My review:

So I admit that about 15% in a was ready to throw in the towel….I was getting a bit bored.

But then….well then it turned around and I was like a woman possesed! It was about midnight and I was at 62% and I had to put the book down (I curse working for a living!) but I didnt want to…I had to literally prize the kindle out of my own hands!

I thought this was a great read and will defo read the 2nd book, but I am hoping it’s not too strung out.

Ps – I am totally team Aiden. Seth gives me the creeps!

3 thoughts on “Book Review & Discussion: Half Blood by Jennifer L Armentrout

  1. I haven’t read Half Blood yet but Vampire Academy is a definite read. Absolutely loved it. Own them. Would read them again.


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