#coverlove JR Ward – Devil’s Cut….


I am seriously in love with the Black Dagger Brotherhood although I am only up to book 6 so when this author releases any info, I am all over it!

This is the Bourbon Kings series (this is the final book in the series), I have it on my wishlist and this cover really caught my eye – looks so homely.  A lovely, affluent house nestled in the countryside – something I aspire to have one day!

Anyone read this series?  Should I move it up my tbr list?


9 thoughts on “#coverlove JR Ward – Devil’s Cut….

  1. I would love to know the same! I read BDB but got bored at like book 5 I think. I heard good things about Bourbon Kings though!


    1. Im up to book 5 of BDB too but other books have always got in the way of reading on! Im going to give this series a go as The Warden writes such good leading males!


  2. I’ve read it! It’s so much different than BDB, but it’s still really good. You honestly have to remind yourself JR Ward wrote it,lol. There’s no swearing every other word, hahaha. And the sex scenes are toned down, or maybe that’s just because I wasn’t lusting over one of the Brothers….Anyway…I’d give them a try. They’re more of a romance than anything but not too mushy if that makes sense.😊


      1. I hope you do! At least read the 1st one and see what you think 😀 I did enjoy them but it was definitely not like BDB, lol.


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