(Not) Pick of the Week #issues

Today I was scheduled in to do a book ‘pick of the week’. I always like to have read this book so that I can give an informed opinion. But guess what……

I haven’t read anything all week. In fact, I haven’t read anything for over 2 weeks.

I have never been this long without reading in 5 years. What’s wrong with me?

I have about 40 books on my tbr, 5 arcs to read and about 6 paperbacks.

Last night I knew I needed an intervention, a kick in the backside. So I pulled out the big guns.

Golden Dynasty by Kristen Ashley.

I have reread this book about 15 times.  I know this tried and tested beauty would sink me back in to my obsession with reading. I love this book so much. In fact, the whole series is A+.

Wish me luck! I’ll let you know how I get on!

Do you get periods like this?  What do you do to get you out of a funk?

3 thoughts on “(Not) Pick of the Week #issues

  1. Good luck! And yes, all too often I find myself not reading as well… that is even one of the reason why I thought a blog would be such a nice idea, to create some stimulus to read more often and consistently.

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