IT’S TAKING OVER MY LIFE! Game of bloomin Thrones is actually taking over my life!


Game of Thrones that is.

Watch it, my friend said. Catch up with me, she said.  When season 7 starts in July we can talk about it, she said.

It’s now 4 weeks later and I have watched 50 episodes.

When I’m at work I’m thinking about what will happen in the latest episode I have to watch. I’m praying that my favourite characters don’t get killed off (I have been sadly disappointed so far!)  I countdown the minutes till my son is due to get to bed so I can rush off downstairs to watch!

And I spent an hour yesterday looking at GoT memes, chortling to myself at the inside jokes.

An hour.

Then I sent them to my friend.

Ok, 2 friends but who is counting eh?!


I really don’t know what I will do when I’ve finished and have to wait for season 7…..and then how will I cope if I have to wait a year for the next season….worse, will there be another?

*Of course I’ll read as my evening reading has suffered badly*




Are you obsessed with GoT?

Any other shows I should queue up? *I have Animal Kingdom to binge next*

4 thoughts on “IT’S TAKING OVER MY LIFE! Game of bloomin Thrones is actually taking over my life!

  1. Bahahahahah welcome!!! Luckily you only have to wait a month! We’ve been waiting for a year and a half cause they pushed it to summer! After season 7 though there will only be one more. It’s gonna be so hard to wait so hopefully it’s worth it!
    You should watch Outlander if you havent yet! That’s a good one. If you like medieval shows I HIGHLY recommend you watch Vikings or The Last Kingdom. Also really good! And then there are the BBC fantasy shows; Merlin is really good and so is Orphan Black! I can literally go on for a while so I’ll leave you with at least these, haha

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    1. Im so obsessed! I binged watched Vikings and loved that but I couldnt get into Last Kingdom so I stopped at episode 2….does it get better? Ive heard about Outlander, I might search for it on the numerous tv packages I pay for each month and underuse! Oooh havent heard of Merlin or Orphan Black, Ill check them out…thank you! 😁

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      1. I thought it got better. I think you absolutely looooove Orphan Black. Also if you like crazy cool family dramas, you should watch Shameless the American one. I think that’s the most fantastic show ever


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