#CJRreview We have a live one from Bella Jewel….The Watcher…

The Watcher_cover image.jpg

A new direction for Jewel, her newest looks at Marlie, a kidnapped victim who is pushed to the edge when her buried demons become real and a burning romance with the man who helps her confront those same demons.

When her sister goes missing, a woman must confront her horrific past with the help of the sexiest man she’s ever met. After killing the serial killer who kidnapped her, Marlie Jacobson became famous overnight. She never wanted the fame and left to live in the shadows. But when her sister disappears, Marlie returns home and enlists the dangerously handsome, world-famous tracker Kenai Michelson to help find her missing sister.

Kenai agrees to work with Marlie, and as they grow closer, they can’t deny the powerful desire simmering between them. As their relationship heats up, the investigation takes a terrifying twist: is the serial killer who kidnapped Marlie back from the dead? And what lengths will Kenai go to protect the woman he loves?

 A nail biter from start to finish, Jewel’s new venture into romantic suspense is enthralling and will have you cheering on the hero and heroine as they track down a terrifying serial killer. Adding a whole different element to romance, THE WATCHER is a tightly spun plot with heat between the pages. This is only the start to Jewel’s romantic suspense direction as she will follow with her next romantic suspense book Blind Date this August.




Marlie did what 13 girls before her couldn’t do, she escaped and survived a killer, a gruesome physco killer.

The girl who got away.

Forward 7 years and the memories and injuries still plague Marlie…..and then her sister, Kaitlyn disappears. With the help of the arrogant PI, Kenai, she goes to find her.

I don’t have much experience on this genre but I read 72 Hours and loved it. However I do know what I enjoy reading, and this book was it. I felt the desperation, the fear and the trepidation.

Now my area of reading expertise is romance. And Kenai ticks all the boxes for me. Broody, hot, sexy and deadly = chaa-ching on my book boyfriend-ometer!

I do hope there will be more books like this from this author. I’ll be on the look out!




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