Have a safe Bonfire Night! 

On November 5th its what’s known as Guy Fawkes in the UK. Some crazy guy in the olden days tried to blow up the Houses of Parliment. To celebrate the fact that the then King survived the attempt on his life, people lit bonfires. We still celebrate it.
With fireworks!

For the first time ever I am having a fireworks party at my house! No bonfire sadly, but fireworks, burgers, hotdogs, filled jackets and I am going to make these:

Credit EatsAmazing on Pinterest

I also saw these and shouted at the Amazon vendor to TAKE MY MONEY!!! Aren’t they just cute?! Plus anything that saves on the washing up is a bonus in my eyes!

So I went and bought a boat load of fireworks. Man those things aren’t cheap but I didnt want the fireworks to be a 5 minute wonder and the whole reason for the party to be a damp squib!

So here’s to firework night, great food, great company…oh and also thanks to Guy Fawkes who without all this wouldnt be possible!

Have a great bonfire night!

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