Kai Cooper is my pain and I’m Katie, his biggest regret. This our love story and the journey to recording his first album—The Suffocation of Katie.

Kai—the lead singer of Cooper’s Religion, pulls up a stool and lowers the mic. Taking his seat with his guitar strapped over his chest, brown shaggy hair hangs across his eyes. His hand shifts, brushing his hair back and he smiles when a girl screams out, ‘I love you Kai.’ His dimples pierce straight through me owning my soul.
His voice comes out so soft and smooth, it is sexual and romantic the way he strums his guitar. “If this is what being hurt by you feels like, then…I love pain…” No lyric has ever rang more true for me. “Being loved is just like being suffocated.”
His fingers move through the chords with ease and he looks at me, his eyes burning with desire. “I’m on fire,” he sings the chorus and I die a little on the inside. “I’ll be your pain and you’ll be my biggest regret…you set me on fire. Give me your love and suffocate me…I’m on fire.”

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